DIT Hothouse licenses innovative rubber testing technology to Bridgestone Global


L-R: Dr. Paul Maguire, DIT Hothouse; Dr. John Hanley, DIT & Dr. Katsuhiko Tsunoda, Bridgestone Corporation
DIT Hothouse has licensed Dynamet, a bubble inflation system for the dynamic testing and analysis of rubber, to Bridgestone.
Dynamet was developed by researchers in the Department of Applied Technology at DIT Bolton Street. The technology was subsequently assigned to DIT Hothouse where the case management team worked tirelessly to seek out a suitable industrial partner to license the technology for comercial use. DIT Hothouse attracted the interest of Bridgestone, the world's largest manufacturer of tire and rubber products, and agreed an excellent deal that ensures that this exciting new technology is brought to market. 
About Dynamet
The patent-pending DYNAMET (DYNAmic Multi-axial Elastomer Testing) system uses bubble ination technology to subject material to equi-biaxial fatigue conditions and allows testing under a variety of controlled conditions including constant engineering stress amplitudes, constant true stress amplitudes and constant strain amplitudes. It also allows the evaluation of multi-axial creep, stress relaxation, set and stress softening.
Dynamet Image
DYNAMET system showing camera setup, specimen mounting with marking & plot of strain displacement during test.
About Bridgestone
The Bridgestone Group is the world's largest manufacturer of tire and rubber products.The Bridgestone Group delivers a wide range of tires to customers around the world, such as tires for passenger cars, trucks and buses, aircraft, construction and mining vehicles, motorcycles, etc. 
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