Commercial Opportunity: Device for Rapid On-farm Liver Fluke Diagnosis in Dairy Animals


DIT Hothouse is seeking an industry partner to further develop, manufacture and distribute BovAlert under license. 
BovAlert is an electrochemical diagnostic device which tests the milk of animal herds for liver fluke, providing quick and easy information regarding disease status.The technology was developed by researchers at the Microsensors for Clinical Research and Analysis (MiCRA) centre in the Institute of Technology Tallaght (ITT Dublin).

Liver fluke disease causes annual losses estimated to be around €2.5 billion to livestock and food industries worldwide. The loss to the Irish industry is valued in the region of €90 million annually. Economic losses caused by liver fluke are mainly associated with a decrease in meat and milk production.

How BovAlert Works
The technology consists of a handheld electronic reader and an assay card for on-site field testing and validation. A milk or blood sample is applied to the card, which contains various reagents required for a specific testing procedure. Once the card is inserted into the reader, the test begins. The process reduces test times from approximately one week in a standard laboratory to a 10-15 minute farm test.

To learn more, download the BovAlert Information Sheet and view the short video below. 

BovAlert won the Animal Health Award (Start-up Category) at the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena at the National Ploughing Championships 2014.
Further Information and Demonstration
A working prototype is available for demonstration to potential business partners interested in licensing and developing this technology into a market ready product. To arrange a demonstration or to learn more about this exciting commercial opportunity, please contact Stephen Davis, DIT Hothouse Marketing Officer on 0035314027144 or email