DIT launches Inaugural Student Entrepreneur Academy entitled I-Cubed

DIT?s startup academy recently commenced and is host to 4 budding entrepreneurs.

The I-Cubed programme, delivered by DIT Hothouse, is a platform to help participants launch a viable startup and to progress as entrepreneurs.

DIT offers participants the space, expertise and €5000 funding to work on their startup business ideas.

Participants on this years programme include:

Brian David Henderson:

Brian created a device that allows for a more efficient diagnosis of antibiotic resistant bacteria in a cheap and portable version. This will aid a doctor in distinguishing between viral and bacterial infections and decipher which antibiotics will be effective in the treatment of the disease.

Sophie Dalton:

Sophie has developed a range of delicious healthy snacks from Irish seaweed. Products include seaweed bacon and spicy seaweed crisps using a newly created innovative process.

Sean-Paul White:

Sean-Paul is developing an IV fluid Thermal regulator. This product can regulate IV fluids to either 4 or 40 deg C which can be used to treat a range of symptoms from hypothermia to brain trauma.

Gunmoo Kim:

Jaru Food LTD is a food company formed by Gunmoo Kim that specialises in producing healthy, fermented Korean/Asian food products made using local Irish ingredients.



DIT Hothouse would like to wish this years startup participants great success with their startup business ideas. Applications for next year’s programme will be advertised throughout the forthcoming academic year through various DIT mediums. If you any questions regarding the startup programme, please do not hesitate to contact DIT Hothouse.

Editors Notes

DIT Hothouse has managed support and training programmes for high potential startups since 2001. During this time Hothouse has established a reputation for excellence in the enterprise support arena.

This reputation is founded on our strong focus on entrepreneurial development and our achievement of outstanding results.

  • 265 sustainable businesses launched
  • 1500 high income jobs created
  • Over €150m in equity investment raised by Hothouse alumni companies