New Innovative Network Communications Technologies from DIT

ew Innovative Network Communications Technologies from DIT

Researchers from DIT's Communications Network Research Institute (CNRI) have developed a suite of innovative technologies designed to significantly improve Quality of Service on both wireless and wired networks, enhancing internet user experience and network operator profitability.

  • OPTIN: Optimised Data Transfer for Improved Network User Experience
    Optimises data transfer on both wireless and wired networks. It maximises the level of data transfer and minimises delays in a network to ensure a seamless internet user experience. FIND OUT MORE

  • Auto-Chan: Automatic Channel Selection for Wi-Fi Networks
    Automated channel selection technology for WLAN that ensures Internet user Quality of Service on busy Wi-Fi networks. FIND OUT MORE

  • SatMon: Saturation Monitoring in Wi-Fi networks
    Passively monitors for node saturation in Wi-Fi networks, enabling network operators to manage and respond to Internet user demands more efficiently and effectively. FIND OUT MORE

  • MeshScan: Seamless Wi-Fi Handoff
    Enables seamless network handoff of mobile internet as a user moves location, ensuring uninterrupted service. It also removes the mobile operator burden of wireless network scanning. FIND OUT MORE

Commercial Opportunity
Each of these new technologies has been developed to a proof-of-concept stage and DIT Hothouse is now seeking a partner within the Network Communications industry to help bring these exciting innovations to market. Each technology offers an excellent value proposition and can provide a significant competitive advantage for your business. DIT Hothouse offers excellent commercial terms on all technologies developed through DIT research.

Intellectual Property Protection
Separate patents have been filed for OPTIN, Auto-Chan and SatMon to ensure that the novelty and intellectual property (IP) associated with each technology is protected. MeshScan IP is DIT confidential know-how.

Further Information and Demonstration

  • If you would like to learn more about any of these innovative technologies, view a live demonstration or discuss licensing opportunities, please contact Paul Maguire, Hothouse Licensing Executive on +353 1 402 7002 or email