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Welcome to Human Resources for TU Dublin - City Campus

TU Dublin is Ireland’s first Technological University and employs 3,500 staff members across academic, professional management and support services.  TU Dublin is undergoing significant change and development as we work to consolidate a new university model.  

TU Dublin aims to be a collaborative and inclusive University with people at the centre of every activity.  We have a heritage that prides itself on the focus and investment we make in recruiting, developing and retaining our staff.  We promote a positive working environment and our Human Resources (HR) policies and procedures demonstrate the high level of commitment we place on the promotion of equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion. 

The role of HR is to support our University in achieving its mission and objectives.  In a multi-site campus of such scale we operate a devolved HR model to enable our staff, our managers and leaders to make their best possible contribution in a high performing University.  This means HR makes available, the necessary skills, knowledge and experience, policies procedures and frameworks to support this model.

HR Business Partners are the central pillar for the provision of HR expertise, support and advice to the University.  They provide the primary point of contact for HR within the relevant College/Support functions providing strategic HR support to business units within the University and acting as the interface between the Colleges/Support function and the HR Department.

HR provides centralised administration of recruitment, leave and staff benefits which includes our Employee Assistance Programme.  We also provide a pensions service including retirement estimates and information.  Workplace Relations represents TU Dublin in national discussions on industrial relations matters and third party hearings and acts as an internal consultant for senior managers across the University.  The management of employee relations including performance management, grievance and disciplinary issues are supported through this function.

Our HR Information System (HRIS) continues to evolve and upgrade.  The HRIS is integral to the effective management of our people since HR data analytics and HR reporting are critical elements in decision-making and HR policy development and are key enablers in the delivery of change.

HR management continues to support a number of ongoing major change initiatives by participating in University-wide projects and decision-making committees.  We have played a significant role in developing, aligning and integrating HR policies for TU Dublin, within a strong equality diversity and inclusion framework, facilitating a smooth transition to a unitary authority in 2019.  Our policies and procedures were developed and implemented to foster positive employee relations and collaborative management practices based on mutual respect, trust and shared responsibility.  

We will conclude our work in the development of a People Strategy for TU Dublin later this year, which will bring into focus the University’s plans for improvement and new initiatives that will demonstrate why TU Dublin will be a University of choice for both students and staff.

Mary Malone

Head of Human Resources

TU Dublin - City Campus

Recruiting Difference, Reflecting Diversity


Mary Malone

Head of Human Resources

Ceann Seirbhísí Acmhainní Daonna