Dr. Jacinta E Browne    
   Principal Investigator


 (01) 402 4737

Dr. Jacinta Browne is a lecturer in physics at DIT. She holds a Ph.D. in Medical Physics from the University of Glasgow.  Jacinta has published more than 30 peer-reviewed papers, 35 published conference abstracts and 100 conference presentations on the physics of ultrasound imaging, development of novel tissue mimicking materials, anatomical devices for characterization and training as well as publishing 1 book chapter.  She has been awarded competitive research funding of €440,000 as principal investigator and €33,600 in non-exchequer funding through consultancy.

Current research interests are in the development of novel tissue mimicking materials for characterizing new imaging techniques (contrast enhanced ultrasound, elastography and microwave imaging) and therapeutic ultrasound techniques (sonoporation).   Jacinta has also developed novel anatomical devices for use as medical training devices in the area of breast ultrasound imaging.  Furthermore, training and assessment models for use with the anatomical breast training devices have been developed and validated in pilot studies.  Dr Browne and her collaborator, Prof. Andrew Fagan has licensed this training and assessment model to the US multinational, CIRs Inc. 

Dr Browne is currently responsible for the supervision of 1 postdoctoral researcher and 1 Research Assistant and co-supervising 1 PhD student registered in TCD.  She has supervised 2 PhD, 1 MPhil, 2 MSc and over 30 BSc students to completion as well as being the external examiner for 4 Intercalated BSc Medical Students and 1 PhD research students to date.


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