Sanjay Kumar Keshri

Post Graduate Student


Current Project:

Diffractive optical elements fabrication for application with Light emitting diode

Supervisors: Dr. Suzanne Martin, Dr. Izabela Naydenova. 


Sanjay Kumar Keshri received his integrated five year “Master of Science degree in photonics” from International School of Photonics, Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), Kerala, India. During his five year of master degree, he did a six week summer studies (2012) on the topic “Z-scan using ultra-fast laser” in University Of Hyderabad, India. He also completed a five month project (2013) on topic “Fabrication of polymer by using PMMA polymer and then analysis of Gaussian beam profile of laser light propagating through it” in CUSAT as part of syllabus.

Following this, Sanjay Keshri also did a summer internship in 2014 on Computational fluid dynamics in school of science Aalto University, Finland. The topic of the internship was “Lattice Boltzmann method for the analysis of radiative heat transfer problems in a participating medium”. Internship was funded by Aalto University. In the last year of his master studies he did five month master project on the topic “Characterization of Quantum dash mode locked semiconductor laser”, funded by SFI (Science foundation Ireland)  in University College Cork.

He joined IEO in October 2015 and is working in the field of diffractive optical elements for Light Emitting Diode applications, funded by Fiosraigh Scholarship Programme, DIT. The project is under the supervision of Dr Suzanne Martin and Dr.Izabela Naydenova.


Research Interest:

Holography, LED, Laser.


Poster presentations at conferences:


Declan Marah, Sanjay Kumar Keshri, Pramod Kumar Basoya, John Gerard McInerney,

“Experimental Investigation of Mode-locking Characteristics in Dual-Section Quantum-Dash Laser Subjected to Optical Feedback”, Photonics Ireland 2015 @ Tyndall National Institute: celebrating International year of Light.