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The Office of the Institute Secretary is responsible for managing all insurance matters for the Institute, its staff and students, in relation to activities that are appropriate to the academic mission of the Institute.

Insurance cover is in place in a number of areas such as property, travel, motor vehicles, engineering, personal accident, public and employers' liability, professional indemnity, directors and officers, malpractice and crime. Cover for specific once-off events can also be arranged.


Staff in all departments are required to notify the Office of the Institute Secretary of any unusual activities or events which may involve risk to the Institute. Any incident or situation which could give rise to a claim must also be reported to the Secretary’s Office immediately.

Before organising an event please contact with the necessary details to confirm the appropriate coverage is in place. Please be aware that there is a lmit to the cover provided by DIT insurance policies and that conditions and exclusions apply.



For more information contact:


Phone: (01) 2205134