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It is important that all incidents which may give rise to a claim are reported promptly. This ensures that the College’s entitlement is not prejudiced.


Indicatros of possible claims:


  • Possible Circumstances: error in a grading of a paper, a file has been misplaced, article written that could be considered defamatory, , confidential information has been exposed
  • Threat of Action:  A letter of complaint has been received by student or third party, email received threatening action or solicitor’s letter received, phone call received insinuating action
  • Legal Action: college receives notice that court proceedings have been issued, eg: a Plenary Summons received by DIT, a Special summons, A High Court order served on DIT




  • Notification of circumstances is mandatory and should be made ASAP
  • The existence of the circumstances, threat of action is what triggers the requirement to notify
  • It is extremely detrimental to DIT if potential claims or circumstances which could give rise to a claim are not notified at first awareness
  • If all matters are not notified specifically before expiration of policy period it could result in an uninsured loss


As soon as any threat of action is received, please notify the Office of the Institute Secretary by email or phone call. All notifications should include the following:


-          Statement as to the nature of threat/circumstance

-          Full background to the matter

-          Attach all relevant correspondence and documents in relation to the matter especially any legal correspondence