All Participants will take develop leadership skills and select three other employability skills they wish to develop over the course of the module from the following list:

  • The Effective Communicator  Expresses ideas effectively and conveys information appropriately and accurately. Shown by a range of verbal and non-verbal signals that the information being received is understood. Recognises and respects different perspectives and appreciates the benefits of being open to the ideas and views of others.

  • Teamworking Builds and develops appropriate relationships with academic staff, peers, colleagues, customers and suppliers at all levels within an organisation; has a capacity to work with others towards a common goal; ability to give and receive feedback

  • Problem Solvers  Independently understands and solves problems, while considering situations from multiple perspectives/contexts; contributes ideas; ability to identify facts and facets of a problem.

  • Creative Innovators  Identifies opportunities and is pro-active in putting forward ideas and potential solutions. Capacity to create and seize opportunities, grow relationships and bring others on board as well as motivate self.

  • Digitally Literate Develops, innovates and maintains knowledge of key trends in technology 

  • Global Citizens Demonstrates a deep insight into issues raised by diverse social and cultural norms/values. Understands their implications on events for self and others. Aware of increased complexity of issues and situations


For more information please see the LEAD Handbook 201718 and For more information on DIT Graduate Attibutes Click Here