DT 517

BA (Hons) Languages & English Studies

Course Description

This BA fosters competence in French, German, Irish, Italian or Spanish alongside an enriched understanding of English. Fluency of expression is a key priority in the world of work and the aim of this programme is to increase linguistic versatility in every respect. It is delivered over four years through three strands of subject matter including composition skills, literary studies and language learning and teaching. Graduates will be proficient communicators in their chosen European language and highly adept at text analysis and production in English.

TU Dublin Languages offers a long standing, international reputation for excellence. With marketable graduate attributes in mind, DT517 aims to cultivate sophistication in English while advancing proficiency in the foreign language.


What will I Study?

English modules include literature, composition, and linguistics, as well as cultural studies, cinema and the teaching of English as a second language. French, German, Irish, Italian and Spanish modules develop spoke competence, written accuracy and intercultural understanding through translation and literary analysis.

This four-year honours programme involves three years of study in TU Dublin and one year abroad at a partner institution in the country of the foreign language. Alternatively, qualified students in Year Three may undertake and English Language teaching assistantship in France, Germany, Italy or Spain.


Module Listing

Year One

Composition & Writing Skills

Text & Research

English-Speaking World Cinema

Introduction to Cultural Image

Introduction to Linguistics

Text & Narrative 

French/German/Irish/Italian/Spanish Language 1A (Post-LC)

French/German/Irish/Italian/Spanish & Latin American Studies 1

Chinese/French/Irish/Italian/German/Spanish 1B (Beginners)


Year Two

American Vantage Points

Communicative Fluency

Texts for Stage & Screen

Intercultural Studies

World Cinema

Language Learning & Teaching 

French/German/Irish/Italian/Spanish Language 2A

French/German/Irish/Italian/Spanish & Latin American Studies 2

Chinese/French/German/Irish/Italian/Spanish 2B


Year Three



Year Four


Modernism & 20th Century English Literature

English Literature of Ireland

Teaching English & Drama

Writing for Professional Purposes

Creative & Imaginative Writing

The American West     

Art, History & Culture of France    

Hispanic Identities

French/German/Irish/Italian/Spanish Literary & Cultural Studies

Current Affairs in France/Germany/Italy/Spain & Latin America

Translation & Interpreting French/German/Irish/Italian/Spanish

Chinese Spoken Language l Chinese Written Language l Chinese Cultural Studies


Entry Requirements

Minimum Number of






Minimum Grade in






Other Requirements

A minimum H4 in one of : French, German, Italian or Spanish

For native or nearly-native speakers of English

  • At a glance
  • Level 8
  • Duration 4 years

  • Contact
  • Dr. Sascha Harris
  • sascha.harris@dit.ie
  • 402 4919
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The combination of a European language with English will widen career paths for graduates both within Ireland and internationally.  Bilingual communicators with critically refined understandings of the spoken and written word are prized in many fields of work including business, education, media, and government. 


Students who have reached the appropriate honours standard may qualify for a range of post-graduate degrees in TU Dublin and elsewhere, nationally and internationally.