Suzanne Hesnan

My name is Suzanne Hesnan and I graduated from DIT in 2008 with a B.A. in Early Childhood Care and Education. I later returned to DIT in 2016 to do the M.A. in Child, Family and Community Studies. From my perspective, DIT prepared me for an enjoyable and successful career to date in the Early Years Sector. Following my B.A. I worked in Australia and was happy that the DIT programme was recognised and held in high regard in the Australian sector, resulting in several career opportunities.  On my return home to Ireland choosing to enroll again in DIT as a postgraduate student came with a sense of familiarity and ease. To return to college as a mature student and have lecturers welcome you back by name is a testament to the dedication and commitment the faculty have for their students.

I have worked in several different roles in the Early Years Sector, from practitioner to manager and now as a Mentor and the foundations to that career path were established in DIT.

Over my time in DIT I have gained lifelong friends, great memories from the many social events that are offered through the college and a network of professional contacts and colleagues.


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