Laura Aspell

My name is Laura Aspell and I graduated from DIT in 2014 with a BA (Hons.) in Early Childhood Education I chose this programme as I had a passion for a career working to support vulnerable children and families. In Year 1 I was placed in a full-day care centre in Dublin city centre. This gave me a good insight into working with children in their early years and the challenges faced by families living in areas of social disadvantage. In Year 2, I was placed in a community pre-school in a Dublin suburb that based their curriculum on the High/Scope model. This experience led me to my first job after college, as an early years educator in a community pre-school in a disadvantaged area.

In 2016, I was offered the position of Parent-Carer in a disadvantaged community. My role was to support parents, offering advice in relation to financial support, mental health, employment, training and education issues.

I have recently begun a role as a Project Worker in a family support centre operated by a national children’s organisation. Offering support to and empowering families during challenging times and seeing the improvements it makes to their lives is what motivates my work day-to-day.

The BA in Early Childhood Education offers students a wide range of opportunities for their future careers. The choice of placements offered as well as the strong theoretical knowledge and professional skills built throughout the 3 years ensures graduates are equipped to work within the broad sector of early years in Ireland. The programme gives you the prospect to decide how you can shape your future career. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to work with children in the future as I haven’t looked back since!


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