Emma Holohan

I chose to study criminology as a mature student back in 2010. I have always had an interest in social sciences and criminology and especially around the field of victimology. I chose the Masters in Criminology at DIT as it has an excellent reputation, the modules interested me and DIT was very welcoming to mature students.

One of the best parts was the lecturers who were passionate about their fields and always willing to help. The most important lesson I learned was from writing the final dissertation. I learned the discipline needed to commit to a task and how to keep going despite obstacles that appear along the way, which has been an invaluable skill needed out in the world of work.

After finishing my Masters, I returned to the UK and have worked at charity Victim Support and now as a victim care officer for the Police, where I support victims of crime through the criminal justice process.  I am a champion for human trafficking and modern slavery in my unit. I have gained very hands on experience of what I studied in relation to victimology. The Masters in Criminology stood me in good stead for all this and I feel very fortunate to be working in the field in which I studied


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