Aimee Flynn

I started the BA. in Early Childhood Education in D.I.T. in 2006. I had wanted to become a primary school teacher but was unsuccessful with the CAO system and this was my second choice. I had to choose between going to college or repeating my Leaving Cert. As soon as I started the course I knew I had made the right decision.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at D.I.T. The course was really busy and interesting. I especially enjoyed the practical nature of the course. The emphasis on placement in early years setting gave me a great foundation and lots of experience working with young children.

Following graduation I worked in a community crèche in the pre-school room which I loved. The course had given me the relevant information and skills and I gained great experience in this job. Following this I went to work as an SNA in a school and it was here my interests were directed to primary teaching again. I decided I would do my post-graduate diploma in Froebel College of Education. The knowledge I had acquired during my degree gave me an excellent base for my studies and there were many things I feel a teacher needs to know that I learned at D.I.T.

I am currently in my seventh year of teaching and I love my job. I have been working with infants the last three years. I am also an Aistear tutor for primary school teachers. I helped set up and I manage the pre-school in my school.

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