Gersha Enright

My name is Gersha Enright and I graduated from DIT in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Care. The course content of social care provided me with a firm, theoretical foundation that enhanced my understanding of social care. The knowledge and depth of core concepts explored in the various modules are still relevant in social care practice today. I found that my tutors chose placements that challenged my inner working model. Tutors and lecturers offer their students a lot of support and have adopted the phrase ‘the door is always open.’ I found that someone was always on hand to give advice and offer a helping hand when needed. Since graduating from DIT, I have worked in various social care fields, ranging from addiction services to residential care for young people. I have been lucky enough to travel since graduating from DIT. My degree in social care assisted me in becoming a Behavioural Interventionist in Canada. Social care is a thoroughly enjoyable course. The course is designed to challenge your professional thinking and also helps you develop personally. I have fond memories of classes and the projects completed in DIT. For me, there was a balance between practical and theoretical learning that suited my personal learning needs. I found the environment in lecture halls and classrooms, inviting, diverse and friendly. I am glad to be a part of the DIT Social Care Alumni.


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