Dr. Catherine Spencer



PgDip Higher Education, Dublin Institute of Technology, 2014

PhD, Institute for German Studies, University of Birmingham, 2003. Dissertation: The Discursive construction of Austrian National Identity 1945 – 1955: a ‘new’ Austria?  Supervised by: Prof. Charlie Jeffery & Dr Bill Dodd, University of Birmingam.

M.A. Dublin City University, 1996. Dissertation: The Translation of Theatre Texts - An Analysis of Translations of Arthur Schnitzler’s Liebelei into English.

B.A. (Hons) Applied Languages [French & German] Dublin City University, 1992.

Previous appointments

Lecturer, School of Languages & Intercultural Studies, Dublin City University

OeAD Auslandslektorin, Karl-Franzens-Universität, Graz, Austria



  • German Language
  • Intercultural communication & competence
  • National identity & cultural memory
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Discourse Analysis

Current Projects

MEET – Maximise Erasmus Exchange Together. Project funded under the DIT Teaching, Learning & Assessment scheme to encourage student-led activity to develop and enhance co-curricular learning opportunities for students participating in Erasmus programmes. 

PhD Opportunities

I am interested in hearing from suitably qualified students interested in undertaking PhD in my research areas.  To get more information and to apply, visit the DIT Graduate School https://www.dit.ie/researchandenterprise/graduateresearchschool/

Spencer, Catherine & Susanna Olmos (2017) ‘The MEET Project: Engaging Students in Pre-Departure Socialisation and Learning for Study Abroad’ Irish Journal of Academic Practice, Vol 6, Issue 1 Article 2. https://arrow.dit.ie/ijap/vol6/iss1/2

Spencer, Catherine & Marty Meinardi (2017) Affective empowerment and the L2 learner’, Proceedings from International Technology, Education & Development Conference, 6 8 March 2017, Valencia, Spain. Pp 6201 6207. https://library.iated.org/publications/INTED2017

Spencer, Catherine (2014) ‘How Transformational is Irish Healthcare Education?: Exploring the Role of Intercultural Competence Learning for Practising Health Professionalshttp://arrow.dit.ie/ijap/vol3/iss1/2

Spencer, Catherine (2004) “The discursive Construction of Austrian National identity in the early years of the Second Republic”. Beziehungen und Identitäten. Österreich, Irland und die Schweiz. Eds. Gisela Holfter, Marieke Krajenbrink, Edward Moxon- Browne. Peter Lang: Bern, pp 151 - 173

Spencer, Catherine (2002) "Losing Liebelei - Translating Schnitzler for the Stage" In Arthur Schnitzler: Zeitgenossenschaften/Contemporaneities. Eds Ian Foster & Florian Krobb. Proceedings from conference held at the Institute of Germanic Studies in London, 1-4 December 1999. Peter Lang: Bern, pp 373 – 391.



Spencer, Catherine (2010) Poster presentation LIN conference, Athlone Institute of Technology

DIT Learning, Teaching and Assessment Award  2014/2015. 

Dr Catherine Spencer & Dr Susana Olmos                                                                                                                                  

Project title: MEET – Maximise the Erasmus Exchange Together –How to maximise the language and intercultural collaborative learning opportunities for students preparing to go abroad and those on study-abroad programmes.

This project seeks to actively engage Erasmus students and current second-years (with input from fourth-year students) in co-curricular collaborative learning opportunities. The aim is to create more structured opportunities for interaction and learning, and in so doing improve language skills. Pilot research and preliminary feedback from students suggest that such interactions would be desirable, achievable and indeed supported by them. A key aspect of the project is that students take on responsibility and leadership roles in planning and organising structured activities to develop student autonomy and enhance constructive engagement.  

 Chair, BA (Hons) Languages & International Tourism

  • Tel 402 7543
  • Email catherine.spencer@dit.ie
  • Teaching Areas

    German Communication, Language & Linguistic Proficiency, Intercultural Studies, Culture, Memory & Identity