Etáin Watson


Etáin is a graduate in French and Italian from the University of Dublin, Trinity College, the School of European Studies, University of Sussex and the Department of Irish Folklore, University College Dublin. She also studied at the University of Pavia for an academic year as an undergraduate and was awarded an Italian government scholarship to study in the University of Sassari, Sardinia at postgraduate level. During this year she pursued her interest in researching and recording Sardinian folklore in the Logudoro region in the north of the island.

Her research interests include the comparative studies of Sardinian and Irish folklore, the use of technology and media in foreign language teaching and Italian film studies. She has presented papers on these topics at conferences in Italy, Spain, Ireland and Albania and has published peer reviewed papers and book chapters in Ireland, Australia, Italy, Spain, Albania and Iran.

Watson, Etáin, ‘ Purposeful Searching: Training Students in Internet Literacy in Italian Studies’ in ‘The Internet and the Google Age: Prospects and Perils’, edited by Jonathan D. James, Edith Cowan University, Australia. Published by in November 2014.

Watson, Etáin, ‘Information and Communication Technology in Foreign Language Teaching: Leveraging the Internet to Make Language Learning Real’ in ‘Internet Research, Theory, and Practice: Perspectives from Ireland.’  Edited by Cathy Fowley, Claire English & Sylvie Thouesny.  Published by, March 2013.

‘Learning Language Naturally in the Make Believe World of Film’ published in AISHE (All Ireland Society for Higher Education) journal in May 2013.

Watson, Etáin, ‘Jamie Oliver’s Great Italian Escape DVDs as a Tool for Teaching ab initio Italian to Students of Culinary Arts.’
Paper presented and published in conference proceedings of International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED), Valencia, Spain. 5th-7th March 2012.

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Watson, Etáin,‘Connecting Language Learning to the Real World.’ International Conference on Human and Social Sciences (ICHSS) 23rd-24th March 2012, Tirana, Albania. Organised by the UniversitàSapienza di Roma. March 24th 2012.  Poster presentation.

Watson, Etáin, ‘Using Film and Documentary to Teach Italian’. International Interdisciplinary Conference on Art, Language and Technology (ICALT) July 18-20, 2012, Mashhad, Iran.Virtual Presentation.