Anne Marie Shier


BSocSc., MSW, NQSW, PG Dip Learning and Teaching

Anne Marie Shier is a lecturer in Professional Practice at the Department of Social Sciences, Dublin Institute of Technology.

Anne Marie has previously worked in a similar role in IT Tallaght and has worked as an Adoption Social Worker and as a Community Care Social Worker.  As a student Social Worker she worked in the Disability and Foster Care Sector. 


Bachelor of Social Science, University College Cork

Master of Social Work Studies, University College Cork

National Qualification in Social Work, National Social Work Qualifications Board

Pg Dip Learning and Teaching (Third Level), Dublin Institute of Technology



Research Interests

Foster Care, Relative Foster Care, Adoption, Information and Trace in Adoption, The Social Care Practice Placement, Life Skills Project for Deaf Adults



Smith, Karen; Shier, Anne Marie; Fingleton, Margaret; and Murphy, Kevin (2016).  Guest Editor’s Introduction: Social Care, Social Policy and Social Justice.  Irish Journal of Applied Social Studies: Vol. 16: Iss. 2, Article 1.  Available at:

Shier, A and Williams, D.  (2015).  An Evaluation of the use of Problem Based Learning and Film as a Method of Teaching and Assessment for Social Care Students.  The European Journal of Social Education/Journal Européen d’Éducation Sociale 26/27, pp 8-27.  Available at:

Shier, A.  Teaching Interdisiplinarity using Problem Based Learning and Film.  Presented at FESET Seminar 2014: New Horizons for Social Education, Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Education and Research and Interprofessional Reality of Practices.  Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland, 8-10 May 2014. 

Irish Association of Social Care Educators (representative)

Irish Association of Social Workers (member)

External Examiner, Institute of Technology Carlow

Member of Organising Committee for conference “Social Care and Social Policy in Ireland: Seeking Social Justice in the Era of Austerity and Beyond”

IASCE representative on Social Care Ireland Conference Committee 2012, 2013, 2014

Member of IASCE Student Placement Committee Subgroup 2011 – present