Dr. Ann Marie Halpenny


Lecturer in Psychology


Ph.D., Dublin University, Trinity College, Dublin.

Doctoral thesis on post-separation child-parent relationships, with a particular focus on children’s perceptions of closeness and security with resident and non-resident parents. Supervised by: Professor Sheila Greene and Dr. Diane Hogan. Funded by The Children’s Research Centre, TCD.

B.A. Single Honours Psychology. Dublin University, Trinity College, Dublin

B.A. (Hons) Modern Languages, National University of Ireland, University College, Dublin

Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics. Dublin University, Trinity College, Dublin


Parenting and child development, Family transitions, Changing childhoods, Child-parent relationships, Researching young children's experiences, Childhood and adversity, Young carers


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  • Teaching Areas

    Psychology and Child Development; Lifespan Development; Research Methods; Transitions across the Lifespan; Interventions in Child & Adolescent Mental Health