Dr. David Williams



Diploma in Applied Social Studies, Dublin Institute of Technology.

B.A Honours in Social Care, Dublin Institute of Technology.

MSc in Child Protection and Welfare, Trinity College Dublin.

Doctor of Social Sciences, University College Cork

Teaching Areas

Principles of Professional Practice, Working with Challenging Behaviour, Social Care Practice Tutor.

Research Interests

Residential Child Care, Foster Care, Self injury and Self harm, the Professionalization of Social Care Work,  The Management of Challenging Behaviour in Social Care Settings.


Irish Association of Social Care Workers

Social Care Ireland

Irish Foster Care Association


Winner of 2009 Dublin Institute of Technology President’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

Winner of College of Arts and Tourism Teaching Excellence Award, Dublin Institute of Technology, 2011.

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 Conference Presentations

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Understanding and Supporting Young People in care who present with behaviours that challenge. Trauma Informed Care Seminar, Dublin City University, 13. April 2018.

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Making the experiences of the emerging practitioner more visible: Social care students’ preparedness and anticipations for practice. 27. April, 2016 FESET Conference, Strasbourg (with Fiona McSweeney).

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