Judy Doyle


Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences

Dip SC (DIT), M.Sc. Economics (University of Wales)

Prior to joining DIT, Judy worked as a Social Care Practitioner for seventeen years.  She worked with members of the Travelling Community, children and young people living in state care, young people in transition to foster care, foster parent training for same-culture fostering, aftercare and management of a residential care unit.  

As an expert consusltant to Social Care organisations, managers and care staff, Judy has provided professional training and guideance in the social care field. This work entails; Evaluation of service provision; Investigations into care practice; Supervision training to managers and social care teams; Team building and Team work; Effective care and caring; Evidence based practice; Effective Leadership in Social Care.  Organisations involved in this training included; the disability sector, main stream residential care for young people, residential care for unaccompanied minors, Traveller Health service, Domestic violence and other social care agencies.



Research interests
Anthropology and the use of ethnomethodology as a method to collect data on minority culture groups, and marginalised communities; The Travelling Community, the importance of culture and cultural identity to children in State care, and on Women in minority culture groups.  Examination of the equality principle of the Affective Domain to lives of children and young people who have; Lived in State Care, and Life After Care.   Current survey on Irish Managers role in Social Care Work.   


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Registration and Inspection (2000). Paper1; Placement Planning in Residential Care.  Paper2; Monitoring Progress in Residential Care. Paper 3; Application of methods to practice.

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Team facilitation HSE North East. 2004.

Evaluation Report on Traveller Health Unit and Local Advisory Committees. (2004).

Evaluation Report (2005), on residential care service provision.

Monitoring and supporting managers in residential care service, identifying training needs and gaps in service provision. (2005).   

Investigation into care, management and team practices in non-statutory service provision sector. (2006).

Investigation into care and welfare of Unaccompanied Minors (2009).

Professional Social Care Practice training provided on; Team work, Cultural Competency, Ethics and Principles of Professional Practice in Social Care Work. (2005-2011).  

Training undertaken on the recommendation of the Registration and Inspection Service includes; Team Building, Placement Plans for Minority Culture Care, Models of Care Practice, and Mission Statements. (2006-2011).

Supervision of Managers in residential social care practice, and community social care practice (2005-on-going).

Chairperson of the BA (Ord) Social Care (In-Service) Programme, and tutor to third year in-service students.

Reviewer of literature publications and articles, for FESET, the European Association of Social Care Educators, and for Gill and Macmillan.

External Examiner to Carlow College, (2007-2010).

Member of IASCE, Irish Association of Social Care Educators.

Member of HETAC Expert Group on Social Care Work Award Standards (2009-2010).

Member of HETAC Expert Group on College Programme Validation in Social Care (2010-on going).

IASCE representative member of DoHC Social Care Qualifications Equivalency Committee 2009-on going.

Advisory Group Member on current research on Seldom heard Young People.