Jun Ni


Jun Ni holds a postgraduate diploma in Applied Linguistics from Trinity College Dublin, a master’s degree in Intercultural Studies from Dublin City University, and aPhD in Transcultural Studies from University of Lyon III, France. Her PhD research focuses on Chinese language learning and cross-cultural adaptation of Irish university students study-abroad in China. Jun Ni has been a lecturer in Chinese in the Dublin Institute of Technology since 2008. She previously lectured in Trinity College Dublin and Dublin City University.





Chinese language pedagogy and Ireland-China intercultural relations.


 “Use of Modern Technology in Chinese Language Teaching”, Conference proceedings at EACT (European Association for Chinese Teaching) conference in Budapest, Hungry



 “Chinese Language Acquisition and Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Irish University Students Studying Mandarin in Taiwan”, Conference proceedings at the ninth Edition of International Conference ICT for Language Learning, Florence, Italy  



“The Cross-cultural Adaptation of Chinese Women Migrants in Ireland”, Conference proceedings at Royal Irish Academy Conference in Dublin, Ireland



 “A Chinese Teacher’s Intercultural Experiences in Ireland: Identities, Social Values and Behaviours”, Conference proceedings at the second Annual Conference of the Association for Chinese Studies in Ireland



 “Developing Professional Landscape: A Chinese Teacher’s Intercultural Experiences in Ireland”, Conference proceedings at the first Beijing Postgraduate Research Forum for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language in Beijing University, China

Jun Ni is a committee member of Irish Association for Chinese Studies in Ireland, Irish Society for Chinese Language Teaching, and Irish Association for Chinese Teaching.

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