Part Time Lecturing Staff Required

The School of Mechanical and Design Engineering is seeking to establish a panel of suitably qualified persons interested in undertaking Hourly Paid Teaching on a temporary basis. Any person wishing to be a candidate for these part time roles can apply directly to the School by submitting a CV and quoting the relevant area listed below.  Interviews will take place in January and February 2019.

For further information on these opportunities please contact the relevant person listed below by email.‌ 

  • Mechanial & Design Engineering (Contact Professor David Kennedy;
  • Manufacturing and Design Engineering (Contact Professor David Kennedy;
  • Automation Engineering (Contact Mr Willie Bergin;
  • Building Engineering (Contact Ms Ciara Ahern ;
  • Product Design and Development (Contact Mr Robert Simpson;
  • Workshop Practice (Contact Mr Willie Bergin;
  • Sheet Metalwork (Contact Mr Willie Bergin;
  • Metal Fabrication (Contact Mr Willie Bergin;