Specialist Binocular Vision Clinic

Most people are fortunate enough to have both eyes work as a ‘team’, resulting in comfortable vision without eye strain. On the other hand ocular muscle balance problems can result in concentrated vision tasks, such as reading or watching TV, becoming uncomfortable or impossible. The individual may also experience headaches, blurred vision or, in some cases, double vision.

Progress in school may be hindered by vision problems and spectacles often provide a solution. Where these problems affect certain eye muscles either a modification to the spectacle prescription and/or a series of exercises can be undertaken to strengthen these muscles. 

A full binocular vision examination is normally performed during the first visit to the clinic. This takes approximately one hour. Subsequently, follow-up visits are likely to last about thirty minutes. It’s likely that any prescribed exercises will need to be done for a number of months to have the desired effect.

The Intuitive Colorimeter and Coloured Overlays

Some individuals are affected by ‘visual stress’, a condition which can contribute to difficulties with reading. It can also be associated with eyestrain and headaches. Those affected find it easier to read text when the background is coloured with a specific tint. This can be assessed in the clinic using a series of coloured overlays. If an improvement is found they can be further assessed using the Intuitive Colorimeter, which is a special piece of equipment designed to refine the tint for the individual. Spectacle lenses containing the specific tint can be made if required. Individuals diagnosed with dyslexia may also suffer from visual stress and can benefit from coloured lenses in some cases.

The binocular vision clinic in the National Optometry Centre welcomes referrals of individuals of all ages from eye care practitioners. Any referral should be accompanied by a letter detailing the reason for referral, along with all relevant clinical information. It is also possible for members of the public to book appointments directly with the clinic by telephoning 01-4024900. When booking an appointment please advise if you are already attending an optometrist or ophthalmologist. If you have not been examined by an optometrist or ophthalmologist within the previous 6 months you will require a regular eye examination before the specialist binocular vision examination.

If you already wear spectacles please bring along your most recent pair(s) (and any letter of referral) when attending for your appointment.


To make an appointment please contact the clinic on 01 402 4900 or go to our Contact Us page.

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