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DIT Societies’ Awards 2018

Posted: 3 May, 2018

The 18th Annual DIT Societies’ Awards were held in Gleeson Hall, Kevin Street where the best and brightest in DIT gathered to celebrate their achievements throughout the year.

Best New Society

The leader of the pack, the DIT Mature Student Society, won four DIT Societies’ Awards including Best New Society.

An excited crowd gathered wearing an array of Great Gatsby themed costumes at the awards ceremony designed to highlight and applaud the invaluable contribution of societies and individual students. All in attendance volunteered many hours of their valuable time to create a vibrant extracurricular student life at DIT.

 DIT has over 70 societies and over 40 unique events which provide the student body with a diverse range of cultural, social, political, volunteering and creative activities. These awards were presented to honour the hard work and commitment that DIT Societies members have shown throughout the academic year 2017/2018. 

 The winners were:

Best Individual 

Pictured are Tony Duggan, Nikki Murphy, Evin Hughes and DITSU Welfare Officer Roisin O’Donovan (Nikki represented DIT at BICS)

Best Freshers 

Adam Matthews, Greta Pilckaite and Michaela Maloney (Adam represented DIT at BICS)

Best Society (Cultural/Social/Academic Field) - DIT Photo Society

Best Photo – DIT Photo Society

Best Society (Charity/Civic Field) - DIT Mature Student Society

Best New Society – DIT Mature Student Society

People’s Choice Award – DIT Mature Student Society

Best Charity Event – DIT Mature Student Society’s Santa’s Grotto

Best Society (Northside) - DIT Science Society

Best Course Related Society – DIT Science Society

Best Society (Southside) - DIT Dance Society

Best Society in DIT 2018 – DIT Dance Society

Most Improved Society (Northside) - DIT Engineering Society

Most Improved Society (Southside) - DIT Africa Society

Best Event (Small Society/On-site) – Unplugged (DIT Africa Society)

Most Improved Society in DIT – DIT DJ Society

Best Event – Shurikon

Best Publicity Campaign – Shurikon

Best Poster – DIT Art & Design Society

Best Promotional Video – DIT Mental Health Society

Best Mental Health Campaign – #MindYourHeadCampaign (DIT Mental Health Society)

Best Newcomer to Student Media – Ciara Brennan (DIT News Society)

Outstanding Contribution Award


Caoilte Cahill (DIT Film Society, DIT Drama Society and DIT Art & Design Society)
Charlotte Kennedy (DIT Drama Society)
Conor Shields (DIT DJ Society, DIT Art & Design Society, The Edition and DIT Societies Executive)
Deirdre Wray (DIT SVP Society, DIT Mental Health Society and DIT STAR Society)
Esther Kleise (DIT Drama Society, DIT Mental Health Society)
Evin Hughes (DIT Mental Health Society, DIT Volunteering and DIT Societies Executive)
Fiona Coughlan (DIT Islomaniacs)
Hannah McGlynn (DIT Film Society, Student Media & Arts, DIT Societies Executive)
Laura Kerr (DIT Dance Society)
Ronan O’Halloran (DIT Drama Society)
Serena Duffy (DIT Japanimation Society)
Tolayo Akinlabi (DIT Dance Society)
Tony Duggan (DIT Science Society)
Jim Murphy (DIT BIMM & Live Music Society)
Karolina Pawlak (DIT Art & Design Society, DIT Nutrition Society)
Ciaran Freeman (DIT Sign Society, DIT Mental Health Society, DIT Volunteering and DIT Societies Executive)


If you’re interested in joining a DIT society why not visit the Societies’ website to find out more.