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Students visit CLiC Newsroom in TU Dublin

Posted: 5 April, 2019

Nine pupils from Synge Street Primary school, accompanied by their teacher Judith Russell, had a great visit to the CLiC Newsroom this week in the School of Media, TU Dublin.

The Synge Street boys had a chance to work with 2nd year Journalism students, learn about how the students prepare their stories for CLiC News and about the special editorial focus this semester on the environment, highlighting the protests led by school students calling for change.
Ian and Ciara Tyrell, one of the CLiC News journalism students, organised a quiz (see photos); there were also charades; a visit to the radio studios and the TV studios on the TU Dublin campus; and most importantly lunch in the canteen.
The visit was organised by Journalism lecturer Roisin Boyd, Ian Roller CLiC News coordinator and Wendy Gannon administrator.
CLiC News is one of TU Dublin – City Campus Access and Civic Engagement programmes.