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Smarter Travel Annual Cycle Challenge: 8-28 May

Posted: 2 May, 2019

Smarter Travel’s Annual Cycle Challenge takes place this year from 8th – 28th May 2019. The Cycle Challenge is for staff and students of all cycling abilities, from beginners and returning cyclists to occasional and experienced cyclists.

What is the Cycle Challenge?

The Cycle Challenge is a fun, free, trip based team event where every trip taken by bike puts your team in with a chance to win some fantastic prizes! There are lots of prizes on offer with the chance to win a top prize of a €500 voucher for a cycling holiday or Blue Book break.

How do I take part?

Get a team of 3-6 people together, and log the total number of cycling trips that you cycle every day. There are no minimum trips required, so don’t worry if you’re taking your time building up trips. The main thing is taking part, supporting your colleagues and having fun on your bike! Once your team has a name and a Captain, participants can register for the challenge at

There will also be a distance-based prize each week for individuals who want to clock up and record their kilometres, but the aim of the challenge is more trips with your team!