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"Fingal Bee Positive" Garden Scoops Gold at Bloom 2019

Posted: 4 June, 2019

TU Dublin is delighted to announce that "Fingal Bee Positive", a show garden developed in partnership with Fingal County Council, has won a Gold Medal in the Bloom 2019 Large Garden Category.

Pictured: Ann Marie Farrelly (Interim Chief Executive Fingal County Council), Councillor Anthony Lavin (Mayor of Fingal) and Professor David FitzPatrick (President TU Dublin)

Designed by Jane McCorkell, Landscape Architect and Horticulture Lecturer at TU Dublin Blanchardstown, and developed in Partnership with Fingal County Council and DDLETB, the "Fingal Bee Positive" garden aims to emphasise the importance of pollinators within rapidly urbanising environments. The garden also demonstrates how to create and protect habitats for pollinators - including bees and many other insect species - within a usable, outdoor recreation space.

"Bee Positive" is a reflection of both TU Dublin and Fingal County Council's commitment as a Pollinator Partner in the All Ireland Pollinator Plan and our recognition of the importance of Climate Action.

We congratulate all involved in this achievement.

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Pictured: Jane McCorkell (Designer), Dr Diarmuid O’Callaghan (Principal TU Dublin Blanchardstown), Denis Flannery, (Park Superintendent, Fingal County Council). Also pictured are members of the Fingal County Council Parks Department who constructed the garden.