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TU Dublin in partnership with Lisney

Posted: 5 June, 2019

For over three years, Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) and Lisney, have collaborated on a valuation project for undergraduate students of Auctioneering, Valuation & Estate Agency and Masters Students of Real Estate.

The joint venture is an example of how TU Dublin engages with industry in the context of the property market and involves students determining the Market Value of an asset allowing them to use, what they have learned in the classroom in a real-world setting.

The students were asked to prepare a report to include a Market Value and Asset Management analysis based on the inspection and survey of a commercial asset. The undergraduate class inspected an office in a business park in Churchtown while the Master students examined an own door suite of offices in Dublin 2. The challenge in each project was slightly different with appropriate tasks for each cohort of students and assessed on an individual basis with awards presented for the best in each class group.

Commenting on the projects, Emer Byrne, Real Estate and Valuations Lecturer in TU Dublin said, “Our students engaged admirably with the challenges under joint assessment between Lisney and TU Dublin and they developed a much more robust understanding of the complexities involved in assessing value and reporting in a Red Book valuation format. The standard was very high across all class groups, particularly as the students had no prior business experience in Red Book valuations.”

In celebration of the partnership, Lisney hosted a prize-giving ceremony for the winning projects for the two class groups. The winners were:

Auctioneering, Valuation & Estate Agency

Linda Sommerville (first place)

Justyna Koczolap (second place)

Adam Hennessy (Joint runner up)

Mark Foy (Joint runner up)

Real Estate

Peter Murray (Winner, Full-time cohort)

Chris Connolly (Winner, Part-time cohort)

Commending the work of the students, Lisney said, "We are delighted to have sponsored the TU Dublin students for this project as we understand how important it is to get practical experience in the field in preparation for real-life situations. It is very beneficial for us to forge links with the students from an early stage, as they are the future leaders of our profession.”

{L-R} Mark Foy, Tom Dunne (Head, School of Surveying and Construction Management), Linda Sommerville, Adam Hennessy, Lynda Gordon (Divisional Director Investments - Lisney), Duncan Lyster (Managing Director - Lisney) and Emer Byrne (Lecturer/ Module Co-ordinator - Dublin)

{L-R} Vicky Byrne, Peter Murray, Carina Wilkes, Conor McIntyre, Rebecca Long, Chris Connolly, Lynda Gordon (Divisional Director - Investments Lisney), Aidan Murphy, Emer Byrne (Lecturer/ Module Co-ordinator - TU Dublin) and Duncan Lyster (Managing Director - Lisney)