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TU Dublin and TU Delft To Host TMCE 2020 Symposium

Posted: 26 June, 2019

TU Dublin and TU Delft will host the thirteenth International Tools and Methods of Competitive Engineering Symposium or TMCE 2020 in Dublin in May 2020.

TMCE 2020, Dublin - May 11-15, 2020

The focus theme of the TMCE 2020 Symposium is: Designing and engineering of smart systems”, the full list of topics is available in the TMCE 2020 Announcement here. 

As per the past symposia, TMCE 2020 will also offer a rich social program in addition to a road paving professional program. We would also like to inform you that the proposed deadline for submitting abstracts is 15 August 2019. The deadline for submitting full-length papers for peer review is 01 September 2019. The best papers submitted to TMCE 2020 will be republished in leading international journals. 

Further information on the procedure of abstract and paper submission is as follows:  

TMCE 2020 Key Dates

Submission of extended abstracts           

15 August 2019

Notification of abstract acceptance        

01 September 2019

Submission of full papers                         

01 November 2019

Notification of paper acceptance             

31 December 2019

Submission of revised papers                   

31 January 2020

Digital Proceedings available                     

30 April 2020