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Irish Languages Classes in TU Dublin 

Oifig na Gaeilge, in conjunction with TU Dublin Staff Development, provide free general Irish language classes every semester for the staff and students of Technological University Dublin.

  • are aimed at various levels to suit the participants
  • are based in various TU Dublin campuses
  • on-line classes and support available from 
  • are free of charge
  • take place at lunchtimes and evenings
  • can prepare you can obtain a European Certificate in Irish qualification,
  • and above all else, are enjoyable!

The classes provide an excellent opportunity to get to know other people with the same interest in the Irish language and to also use the language in an engaging and fun way. Oifig na Gaeilge also organise a programme of social and cultural events every semester to support these classes. 

Certificate in Professional Irish (Levels 3-6 National Framework of Qualifications) 

Oifig na Gaeilge, in conjunction with Gaelchultúr Teo. are also offering a new part time programme, the Certificate in Professional Irish to staff who deal with the public on a regular basis working in Student Services, Library Services and Estates. Staff who undertake the Certificate in Professional Irish will have an opportunity to learn specialised language relating to their work and gain a recognised qualification at the same time. Anyone interested can email Oifig na Gaeilge at or express their interest here

Why choose Irish?

Perhaps you are a staff member who would like to feel more confident if you are asked to provide a service in Irish?

Or maybe there is a child at home who you would like to help out with the Gaeilge homework, or with any subject if they are studying through Irish?

Maybe you are a student who is considering a career with Irish or somebody who wants to ensure that you do not lose the language after leaving school?

Additionally, perhaps you are an international student who is curious about the meaning behind the bilingual signage everywhere and wish to learn a little about Ireland’s native language. If so, please come along and learn more!

TU Dublin Irish Classes Timetable is available here

To Register for a class, please fill out the relevant Registration Form:

If you have any queries regarding the TU Dublin Irish language classes and qualifications, the Certificate in Professional Irish or the Coffee Morning groups, please email