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Class Levels

Complete Beginners (A1 European Certificate in Irish )

This level is aimed at those who have no knowledge of the Irish language. The class will not be suitable for anyone who has recently attended a beginners' course or who has studied Irish at secondary school. The emphasis will be on developing speaking and listening skills. Grammar will be taught in context at all times. By the end of the course participants will have learnt how to engage in basic everyday interactions, talk about themselves and their background, the work they do, etc. and will have acquired a basic knowledge of grammar.

Refreshers 1 and 2 (A2 European Certificate in Irish

This level is intended for those who have an elementary knowledge of the language from previous study, those who have completed a beginners' course or studied Irish in school, for example. Emphasis will be placed on developing oral and listening skills, confidence building and grammar will be taught throughout the course as the need arises. Instruction will begin with a revision of key basic elements of the language usually taught at beginner's level. A communicative approach to teaching will be employed and, through the use of a wide variety of activities in groups and pairs, students will be given opportunities to practice what they have learnt. Participants will be concentrating mainly on topics which are relevant to their own lives.

Intermediate 1 (B1 European Certificate in Irish

This level is aimed at those who are reasonably fluent in Irish and who use it socially from time to time. This level is also suitable for those who have studied Irish at school, who understand a great deal of the language but have had few opportunities to use it in recent years. The emphasis will be on developing speaking and listening skills but students will also have some opportunities to read and to write the language as well. Participants will have the opportunity to extend their vocabulary and to learn more about Irish grammar. The range of topics covered will be more extensive than those covered in the other classes.

Intermediate 2 (B2 European Certificate in Irish )

Aimed at those who have a reasonable fluency in Irish but who have little experience of discussing more challenging topics (current affairs and technology, for example). Participants have an opportunity to add to their vocabulary and range of idiomatic expressions and to improve their grammar. A wide range of topics is discussed in the classes.