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BÚA Scholarship‌

Cailini BUA

This is a Scholarship Scheme for Students with Irish to inspire and encourage the use of the language across the University! 

Scholarships to the value of €500 are offered to students with Irish to promote the use of the language across the main TU Dublin campuses by organising fun, engaging, and creative  opportunities to speak and to engage with the language!

Students are required to:

• actively organise exciting social and cultural Irish language events across TU Dublin
• develop communication skills by promoting Irish in TU Dublin - social media, print, visual content etc.
• seek and support the development of Irish language services and the visibility of the language in TU Dublin
• inspire the use of Irish in our everyday lives and in the community - at home, with friends, at work, at school etc.
• participate in ensuring the use of Irish in the new campus in Grangegorman
• promote the use of the Irish language in engaging, creative, fun and innovative ways!

Hoodie Beag BÚA

Scholarships are awarded to each student who successfully participates in the ‘BÚA in TU Dublin’ initiative during the academic year and meets the conditions of the scheme. 

If you have Irish, are inspired and energised in promoting and developing the Irish language in TU Dublin, we want to hear from you!

The application form can be downloaded BUA Application Form - please type answers and email to or print and post to address on form

Contact Siobhán or Gráinne in Oifig na Gaeilge at and we look forward to hearing from you!