Maths Competency Test

Mature or Non-Standard Applicants are given separate consideration by DIT, but application is made to the CAO in the usual way. Formal interviews are conducted for short- listed applicants.  Motivation and experience will be considered as part of this interview process, however, in terms of mathematical ability applicants require either:

 - Evidence of relevant successful third level studies or secondary level attainments which include Mathematics at the equivalent of Leaving Certificate grade O4 or higher and English or Irish at the equivalent of Leaving Certificate grade O5 or higher

- Success at interview and Maths Competency Test (MCT)


The Maths Competency Test for Dispensing Optics (Level 7) has the following syllabus:

- The Basics: Indices, Cartesian sign convention, scientific notation, area/ volume – SI units.

- Algebra: Transposition of formulae. Factorizing, fractions/partial fractions. proportionality - similar triangles, equalities, arithmetic and geometric progressions, solve quadratic equations

-Vectors: Vector notation, adding vectors, parallelogram rule.

- Natural logarithms, the exponential function. Binomial theorem.

- Linear algebra: Solution of linear equations, find slope of a line and intercept, graph plotting, appropriate scales, linear equations, equation of a line, simultaneous equations.

-Trigonometry: Solution of triangles; sine and cosine rules; simple problems, sine and cosine graphs, degrees and radians.

- Differentiation: Chain rule, methods of differentiation i.e. product, quotient, applications to maximum/minimum problems.

- Geometry of a circle


For a sample MCT paper please click here:   Sample Maths Competency Test






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