Phone numbers here are + 353 1 402 ext
Fax number is +353 1 402 4988
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Postraduate Student Information can be found here

KE rooms are Kevin Street main building
NB35/1 or/2 refers to 1st or 2nd floor National Optometry Centre, corner of Kevin Street / New Bride Street (see map)

Unless otherwise indicated, emails are



Head of Optometry



 HOVENDEN, Declan Dip. Ophth. Opt., Cert. Ref. Surg., MSc, FAOI

 declan.hovenden  2858  NOC

Optometry Academic Staff

 BARRETT, Catriona BSc (Hons) Optom FAOI PhD  catriona.barrett  4749  KE2-015
 CASSIM, Zaheer BOptom(Hons) FOA(SA) MCOptom MSc [on sabbatical]  zaheer.cassim  ----   ---
 HARRINGTON, Siofra DipOpt FAOI  siofra.harrington  4697  NOC
 LOUGHMAN, James DipOpt FAOI PhD  james.loughman  2841  NB35/1
 McDONNELL, Claire DipOpt FAOI MSc  claire.e.mcdonnell  2872  NB35/2
 McGANN, John DipOpt FAOI  john.g.mcgann  2853  NB35/1
 McKERNAN LLOYD, Aoife BSc (Hons) Optom FAOI PhD  aoifemarie.lloyd  4733  NB35/1
 MOORE, Linda BOptom, MPhil, PhD, PGCert(Clin Opt), MA(Higher Ed),
                       BSc(Hons), Psych, MCOptom, MBPsS
 linda.moore  4980  NB35/1
 MORDAUNT, Patricia PG DIP, FBDO  patricia.mordaunt  4942  NB35/2
 MOORE, Michael BSc (Hons) Optom FAOI MSc  michael.moore  4958  NB35/1
 O'DWYER, Veronica DipOpt FAOI PhD  veronica.odwyer  4785  NB35/1
 SCANLON, Grainne Dip Opt FAOI BA Psychology (Hons) MPhil  grainne.scanlon  4933  NB35/1
 SHEEHAN, Matthew Ba App Sc MPhil PhD  matthew.sheehan  4578  KE2-026

 Optometry Technical Staff




 ARMSTRONG, Carol BSc MPhil  carol.armstrong   4932  KE2-015

 ‌For staff details pertaining to the National Optometry Centre please see here.


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