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Atropine for the Treatment of Myopia in Children


There is no current therapeutic approach to the control and prevention of myopia, which is expected to affect one in three people worldwide by 2020, and represents the only major cause of blindness that is untreatable.


The aim of the research is to investigate new ways to prevent, treat and control myopia progression in children and to deepen our understanding of myopia and its risks.


Optometrist, Saoirse McCrann, will work with Dr. James Loughman and Prof. Ian Flitcroft to complete a four-year PhD, which will evaluate, for the first time in Europe or the USA, the safety, efficacy and acceptability of atropine, a pharmacological intervention currently used in the treatment of amblyopia in childrenand which has shown potential for effective myopia control in Asia.


A randomised, placebo-controlled two-year clinical trial will be conducted to investigate the capacity of atropine to control the progression of myopia among eligible Irish children.

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