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‌‌Partnerships with External Organisations

DIT is committed to working in partnership with appropriate institutions and organisations, in Ireland and abroad. The Institute recognises the mutual benefit which arises from the development of collaborative programmes of study, and more importantly, the increased opportunities which the provision makes available to a wider range of students.

DIT is committed to providing access to students of all ages and backgrounds, and to achieving quality and excellence in all aspects of work.

To date the Institute has developed collaborative arrangements with a number of external organisations.  Click here for Collaborative Partnership Listing.‌‌

Through its Quality Assurance Office within the Directorate of Academic Affairs & Registrar, the DIT provides a validation and franchising service, based on its quality assurance procedures, to academic institutions, professional bodies, companies and other organisations.

In developing formal collaborative programmes which involve a DIT award, the Institute will wish to assure itself that partner institutions offer an ethos and environment for teaching and learning appropriate to higher education and to the particular proposed collaboration.

Collaborative Provision Quality Enhancement Handbook Chapter outlines the procedures for the approval of linked and collaborative programme provision between the Institute and external organisations that lead to a DIT award or a joint/dual award.

Please see the document Protection of Enrolled Learners

Forms relating to Partnership Arrangements

MOU template (long form)                         Mgmt of Collaborative Provision Flow Chart 

MOU template (short form)                        Student Mobility Flow Chart    

MOA Contract of Approval Sheet                 Bespoke Provision Flow Chart 

Partner Self Study Outline                           Contract for Service Flow Chart 

Partnership Proposal Documentation Checklist‌             

Joint Dual Degree Approval Flow Chart

Articulation Agreement Flow Chart

MoU approval process for academic provision                ‌

Template for due diligence - International Collaborative Provision  ‌

Template for due diligence - National Collaborative Provision

Quality Assurance Forms