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Review by the NQAI of the DIT under section 39(4) of the Qualifications (Education & Training) Act, 1999


According to Section 11 of the DIT Act 1992, the Academic Council has the responsibility to protect, maintain and develop academic standards.  In 1994, the Council established the Academic Quality Assurance Committee to assist it in this regard. 

The National Qualifications Authority of Ireland (NQAI) established under the provisions of the Qualifications (Education & Training) Act 1999 has, as required by the Act, approved the Institute’s quality assurance procedures and has instituted this review of their effectiveness. 

The achievement and maintenance of quality standards are fundamental goals of DIT.  Assuring such standards is a key function of the Academic Council and faculty boards.  Approaches to ensure standards have been in existence for some forty years and are widely known across DIT.

DIT’s quality assurance system in respect of taught programmes and postgraduate research was the first comprehensive and documented one in the Irish HE sector.  The procedures represented a major cross-Institute academic advance during the 1990s, and resulted in the significant achievement of obtaining degree-awarding powers up to doctoral level.  The outcomes of the reviews/audits in 1996 and 1998 by international experts mainly of the quality assurance procedures and their implementation constituted validation and benchmarking of the Institute’s academic progress.  The recommendations from both reports formed the basis for on-going strategic development.

The first review of effectiveness of the DIT's quality assurance procedures was completed in 2006. The review was carried out by the European University Association on behalf of the NQAI, under the EUA's Institutional Evaluation Programme. The published outcomes of the review are available at:

Review by the NQAI 2011

This review process is the second review of effectiveness of the DIT's quality procedures.  The NQAI Review satisfies the requirement, as set out in the Qualifications (Education and Training) Act, 1999, that the NQAI carry out a review of the effectiveness of quality assurance in DIT ‘not more than once in every three years and not less than once in every seven years’.

In summary, the NQAI supported the findings of the Review panel that the quality assurance procedures of the DIT are effective and that they meet the relevant standards and are informed by national guidelines and good practice.

The Terms of Reference and the published Report of the external review panel on the effectiveness of the quality assuranc (PDF) and Institutional response by the DIT, June 2011 (WORD) are now available.