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Placement of DIT major awards in the National Framework of Qualifications

The National Qualifications Authority of Ireland (NQAI) was established under the provisions of the Qualifications (Education and Training) Act, 1999. In 2003 the NQAI launched a 10-level national framework of qualifications. The Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) which is recognised under the 1999 Act both as a provider and an awarding body, adopted the national framework of qualifications in 2004. Since then, all new awards made by the Institute are in alignment with the national framework (See explanatory diagram - image courtesy of the NQAI).

All previous awards made by the Institute are now termed former awards, these have been designated at the appropriate level on the framework as set out in Schedule of DIT Former Major Awards. The agreed criteria for placing former awards is available on DIT, NQAI agreed criteria. Likewise all existing DIT awards have been placed at their appropriate level of the framework and their award types are in accordance with the national framework. See tables 1 and 2 below for quick guide comparison between former and existing major awards types.

Placement of DIT Current Award Types (2003 onwards)
on the National Framework Qualifications 


New Award Type

Framework Level

Higher Certificate 6
Ordinary Bachelor Degree
Honours Bachelor Degree 8
Masters Degree, Postgraduate Diploma 9
Doctoral Degree  10

  Table 1: Current award types and levels


Placement of DIT Former Award Types (pre 2003)
on the National Framework Qualifications

Former Award Type

Framework Level 

Certificate 6
Honours Diploma, Higher Diploma,
Advanced Diploma, Graduate Diploma,
Masters Degree, Postgraduate Diploma, Graduate Diploma 
Doctoral Degree  10


 Table 2: Former award types and levels

It should be noted that original parchments from former awards which detail award types such as Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma are nationally recognised. An official Placement Letter maybe obtained from the Institute which clearly states where a former programme has been placed on the framework by the Institute in agreement with the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland, see sample Placement letter.

Useful information related to the National Framework of Qualifications can be obtained from the following links: