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Quality Assurance Committee

The Academic Quality Assurance Committee shall be appointed by Academic Council and shall have general responsibility to Academic Council for developing and monitoring the implementation of the Institute’s procedures for the validation, review and approval of programmes and programme modules.

Terms of Reference

The Academic Quality Assurance Committee is a sub-committee of Academic Council established having the following responsibilities in relation to taught courses and other programmes:

  1. advising Academic Council on matters related to academic standards having regard to section 11(3) sub-sections (a) and (b) of the DIT Act (1992);
  2. being responsible to Academic Council for monitoring all matters relating to the standards of taught programmes, their quality, and the academic environment in which they operate;
  3. keeping under review all academic quality assurance procedures of the Institute, as described in this handbook;
  4. keeping under review procedures for ensuring the appropriateness of various forms of academic association with external organisations including the franchising of DIT courses and the accreditation of courses offered by other organisations;
  5. considering reports from College Boards in relation both to annual monitoring reports on programmes and the monitoring and implementation of quality improvement plans in this respect;
  6. liaising with other committees of Academic Council in relation all programmes;
  7. carrying out such other functions as are considered appropriate subject to the approval of Academic Council;
  8. preparing and submitting an annual report on its work to Academic Council.

The Academic Quality Assurance Committee may establish sub-committees and working parties some of whose members may be from outside the Committee or from outside the Institute, as approved by Academic Council and Governing Body. The Chairperson shall be responsible for reporting the decisions of the Committee to Academic Council and for transmitting the relevant decisions and views of Academic Council to the Committee.


(Members will not necessarily be members of Academic Council)

The Academic Quality Assurance Committee shall consist of the Director of Academic Affairs, two College Directors, the Academic Registrar, two Quality Assurance Officers, one representative from Library Services, one representative from the Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre, a representative of the Directorate of Research and Enterprise, two representatives from each College Board (not necessarily members of the College Board - one will be a structured post holder and one non-structured), one College Administrator, and three student representatives, one of whom shall be a postgraduate student. The Heads of Learning Development are ex officio members.

The Chairperson shall normally be the Director of Academic Affairs or another person nominated by the President. With the approval of Academic Council up to two additional members from the staff of the Institute may be co-opted. Other persons may be invited to attend where appropriate.


The Academic Quality Assurance Committee shall meet at least twice each semester and at such other times as required. Minutes should be recorded and available in the Office of the Academic Registrar and published on the Staff Intranet.