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Student Module Evaluations

From December 2018, the way DIT collects your Student Module Evaluation (Q6a) Forms is changing.  Blue Explorance Software for Module Evaluations is being used.  

Information for Academic  Staff

On 29th November, Lecturers will be sent an email inviting them to login to the Blue Explorance Software and add up to 3 additional questions to the Q6a form.  This is very straightforward and is optional.  However if you require assistance, you can

Click here to see a video on how to add additional questions

Alternatively, attend one of our four drop in sessions as follows:

  • Thursday, 29th November, DIT, Aungier Street, Room2-075,  12.30 -2pm,
  • Friday, 30th November, DIT Grangegorman, NA-005 12.30-1.30pm,
  • Monday, 3rd December, DIT Cathal Brugha Street Room 44,  1-2pm,
  • Tuesday, 4th December, DIT Bolton Street, Room BL345, 12.30-2pm BL345.

For other Frequently Asked Questions – Please click here.

Information for Students

On 6th December you will receive an email from, requesting you complete each of the Module Evaluations (Q6a) forms for each of the modules for which you are registered in this semester.  The email will provide a link for you to click on to complete each evaluation.  The Survey will close on Tuesday, 18th December. 

These evaluations will only take 5 minutes to complete.  Your feedback will be anonymous.  The feedback you provide will be used by your lecturers to inform the content and delivery of your modules.  It will also be used by your Programme Committee when reviewing the delivery and content of your programme.  It is important that your lecturers and Programme Committee receive your opinion on your modules, so that this information can be taken into consideration for future module delivery.

So that your feedback may be used constructively it is important that no personal comments in relation to other students or staff members should be made.

For other Frequently Asked Questions – Please click here:

If you have any queries, in relation to the Q6a Evaluation, please contact