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Graduate Research Student Training and Careers


As a graduate research student you will complete your own research project and simultaneously develop a range of specialist and transversal skills.

Information on current training options is available in the ‌Semester 2 Module Descriptors Book 2018/19

The Training Skills Needs Analysis is available here.



The Career Development Service provides a wide range of information here which may guide you when making decisions about your career.

Non EU/EEA students, who have graduated from an Irish HE institution, can remain in Ireland for up to 2 years with the Visa Stay Back Option. Information on this opportunity is available here.




An exciting postdoctoral opportunity in the College of Business is now available as a Post Doc in Brexit Implication for Irish Freight, Logistics and Transportation. To make an application please send a Cover letter, a CV and a list of two references to the Project manager Dr Amr Mahfouz at amr.mahfouz@dit.iebefore 5pm on 25th May 2019.

The following websites provide information on postdoctoral research and other research related opportunities