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Environment, Energy & Health

At TU Dublin, we understand the need to find more efficient, cleaner and sustainable sources of energy and crucially, reduce our consumption.

TU Dublin’s energy research is focused on the development of evidence-based policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase security of supply and enhance national competitiveness. With global temperatures predicted to rise by 2.70C between now and 2100, the production, distribution and use of energy needs to adapt.

Diet and health and the sustainable production of safe and novel foods and ingredients are also key focus areas. Our interdisciplinary experts are investigating, applying and optimising bio-processing technologies and working to find sustainable solutions to global challenges such as waste reduction and food shortages. Our health researchers are working on new diagnostic methods, assistive technologies as well as delivering reports to underpin health policy. 

 The Academic Leader for this theme is Dr Jesus Frias


Featured Projects

International Energy Agency Task 26 - Cost of wind energy 

IEA Task 26 is a multi-national study on the levelised cost of wind energy with participating countries including: Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, United States (NREL) and the European Commission (JRC).

Featured Publications & Research Outputs

Cytotoxic and mutagenic potential of solutions exposed to cold atmospheric plasma 

Cold plasma inactivation of bacterial biofilmsand reduction of quorum sensing regulated virulence factors

Controlling microbial safety challenges of meat using high voltage atmospheric cold plasma