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Professor Brian O'Neill

Director and Dean of the Graduate Research School


Phone: +353 1 4028054

Mobile: +353 86 8030050


Research Interests

Professor O’Neill has published extensively on media literacy, policy making and public interest issues in media and communications, in particular those related to children and youth.

Additional Information

Professor Brian O’Neill is Director of Research, Enterprise & Innovation Services for the three member institutions in the TU4 Dublin alliance.  He is also Dean of the joint Graduate Research School with leadership responsibility for research support, technology transfer, incubation and enterprise development services. Professor O’Neill was formerly Head of the School of Media in DIT and Head of Research in the College of Arts and Tourism. 

Brian provides academic and administrative leadership and support for the research communities in DIT, ITB and IT Tallaght and develops and promotes research and entrepreneurship.  He is a member of Ireland's Internet Safety Advisory Council and is national coordinator for EU Kids Online, a 33-country network supported under the European Commission’s Safer Internet Programme. He was appointed as an Independent Assessor to the ICT Coalition for a Safer Internet for Children and Young People in 2013.  He chaired the government’s Internet Content Governance Advisory Group in 2014 to consider emerging issues in the area of online content and its general impact on the lives of children and young people.  He is a member of Council of Europe’s Expert Group on Digital Citizenship Education as well as member of the Twitter Trust & Safety Council and the Safety Advisory Board of

Brian is based in the Greenway Hub, in DIT Grangegorman.