Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Journalism

The BA Journalism is offered on a four-year full-time basis and appeals to anyone interested in the craft and profession of communicating as a journalist, across online, broadcast and print. Students learn a mix of skills, values and knowledge about the world of media and the wider world in which media reside. The School of Media publishes and broadcasts student’s work during the academic year with websites, radio stations and social-media platforms,  including the radio station DIT FM and a community newspaper and website for Dublin’s southwest inner city, The Liberty.



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Career Paths

Graduates from the BA Journalism go on to work across a broad range of companies and occupations, including print and online media, broadcasting, communications and social media. They may work as reporters, commentators, editors, producers, researchers, broadcasters, social-media and online-community managers, influencers and various other communications specialists. As journalists they may specialise in, for example, business, sports, arts, fashion or technology. A journalism education will also open up opportunities in fields like public relations and education.