MPhil and PhD Research Programmes

As a postgraduate research student, you will complete your specialised research project in an interdisciplinary research environment and, simultaneously, you will develop a range of discipline specific and transferrable skills compatible with industry requirements. Postgraduate research qualifications within the SSCM can be undertaken on a Full Time (FT) or Part Time (PT) basis and may relate to any of the specialisms within the School. Students will work with guidance from an experienced supervisor in the planning, development and execution of a research project of their choice that is of the highest academic standard while remaining industry relevant.

If you are currently in employment and are considering undertaking a postgraduate programme perhaps a part time research degree is a good option for you. Whether you are already engaged in scholarly activity within your company or wish to investigate a topic that may ultimately benefit your company, there are many exciting opportunities to gain a postgraduate research qualification.

Research Brochure for details.

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