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Accessing the Timetabling System

Both staff and students can access the timetabling system this link. You will need your student ID number/staff number and password to login to the system.

To access the system and locate your timetable follow the five steps belows:

1.        Login at using your TU Dublin student number

           and email password, you will land on a blank page. 

2.        At the top right of the timetable homepage click on the first icon – ‘toggle timetable list’

3.        Now go to bottom right and click on ‘Add’ – this will give you a drop-down menu

4.        Key in the name of your programme to bring up your timetable, remember if you are in a large group your programme may be separated into groups, for example Group A, Group B and Group C.  If you are in group A be sure to un-tick the boxes for group B and C so only your timetable is appearing.   

5.        It is advised not to save your timetable; changes during the semester will not be displayed.

If you are having difficulties accessing the timetabling system please view the short tutorial video below: