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Hospitality Services Management


Programme Description

This programme is suitable for people who want to gain a qualification or are currently working in the hospitality industry, are seeking promotion, or are seeking management positions in the sector. It is also open to mature students returning to learning, people seeking a career change, people seeking to ‘start your own business’ in the sector or people seeking to develop their existing hospitality businesses. The programme would be ideal for those people who have worked in the sector and now find themselves unemployed. This two-year part-time programme gives graduates an in-depth knowledge and insight into all aspects necessary to manage and run a successful business or to develop a career in the sector. Completion of the programme provides participants with a strong foundation in current management practices and trends. It also helps participants develop the techniques and management skills that are required to manage all aspects of the day-to-day operations and management of a hospitality operation, be it a hotel, bar, coffee shop, café, sandwich bar,  bistro, outdoor catering operation, cruise ship catering, staff canteen, industrial catering operation to name but a few…………….


Modules Year 1:

Customer Care Management, Communications for Hospitality Management, Computer Applications, Costing and Control for Hospitality Businesses, Management Principles for Hospitality, Managing Food Safety and HACCP for Hospitality, Overview of the Hospitality Industry,  Applied Marketing for Hospitality Operations, Industrial Experience Portfolio/ Business Feasibility Studies.

Modules Second Year:

Food and Beverage Management, Human Resource Management for Hospitality, Project Management, Introduction to Hospitality Law, Introductory Accounting for Hospitality Businesses, Managing Training and Development (Train the Trainer), Applied Business Planning for the Hospitality Sector.

As part of the programme students can undertake to sit the exams for the National Hygiene Partnership (NHP) Management of Food Hygiene Programme. In addition, the Managing Training and Development Module (Train the Trainer) has been accepted by the NHP as a suitable qualification to deliver Food Safety and HACCP training in the students’ own organisations.

Entry Requirements

Experience in the Hospitality / Tourism sector


Combination of both examinations and assessments depending on module.

Learning Outcome

On completion of the programme a student will be able to... 

  • Describe and apply a range of management concepts across a variety of integrated hospitality management areas.
  • Implement plans to develop their hospitality business.
  • Design and implement a business plan and programme for a hospitality operation.
  • Train and develop staff in all aspects of the business including the development of training plans and programmes.
  • Manage the financial, marketing and business planning elements of a hospitality operation.
  • Apply Information Technology systems and procedures to a variety of applications in Hospitality Management
  • Apply the key concepts of the programme to opening a new business, developing the business or progressing through management of a business.

Career Opportunities

Supervisory and Managements positions in the wider tourism sector, Promotion, career advancement, development of an existing business, own and manage your own business, progression to degree in Hospitality management