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Information Systems & Information Technology


Programme Description

Graduates of this part-time, industry-oriented programme are equipped with the advanced skills necessary to function as information technology professionals in a broad range of commercial, industrial and public sector environments. In view of the rapidly changing nature of the computer industry, graduates are equipped with a wide and educationally sound background in order that they may possess the flexibility likely to be required for future career development.


The programme has a modular structure with four stages and three exit points.

Full course information can be found here:

Entry Requirements

 Minimum entry requirements are:

  • Irish Leaving Certificate with a grade D3 or higher in six subjects at ordinary level including (i) a grade C3 or higher in ordinary level Mathematics or a grade D3 or higher in higher level Mathematics, (ii) English or Irish at either level, (iii) a grade C3 or higher in at least 2 subjects at higher level, 


  • Application with an equivalent qualification - places may be offered to applicants with a qualification considered equivalent to the minimum requirements, as determined by Dublin Institute of Technology, 


  • Mature student application - places may be offered to mature students who meet certain criteria with respect to suitability, analytical skills and professional experience. Students may be requested to attend for interview.

 Please note, places are awarded on a competitive basis and meeting the minimum entry requirements does not guarantee a place on this programme.


Written assessment and / or continuous assessment for each module taken.


As a flexible, part-time, evening programme, it is not expected that all students complete whole stages in one academic year. Students can choose to partially complete a stage in one academic year, and then complete the remainder of the stage in the next academic year. Students can also select modules from multiple stages in one academic year, once they have successfully completed, or been made exempt from, all prerequisite modules for the modules they select.

After completion of this course, the student will have strengthened their knowledge, skills and competence across Operating Systems, Programming, Networking, Database Design, Web Development, Software Engineering, Professional Issues, and Software Project Management amongst other many other areas.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this programme are equipped with an industry-relevant qualification, facilitating their entry into the ICT industry or their progression within this industry. As is typical of an undergraduate qualification, graduates have knowledge and skills across the breadth of the ICT area with a specialisation through their choice of domain for their final year project.

Graduates of the BSc (Honours) can apply for membership of the Chartered Institute for Information Technology and can apply for status as Chartered IT Professional or Chartered Engineer following the acquisition of relevant experience post-graduation.


Exemptions from certain modules and/or stages may be available to students who have already completed a relevant academic programme.

Further Information

Application are made via TU Dublin's online application system. All applications should include an up to date copy of your CV along with results transcripts from ANY third level education which you have undertaken to date